Sunday, October 30, 2005

If our voices were spent in prayers rather than complaints

St. Teresa of Avila, in her travels, ran across a fallen priest. He was involved with a wicked woman, alcohol and the occult. She continued to utilize him as her confessor, in part because he needed her prayers, penances, and her good works. She had been very ill during that time, having to remain in his village. She offered her sufferings up for the priest. He gave up the woman, the occult and the alcohol, returning to his vows before she left the village. This was on account of her heroic acts of charity. We have that same power because it was given us by God. We aren't taught anymore to give of ourselves for the sake of another anymore, which is very sad. Many gave it up. But just how do ordinary people become saints? By heroic acts of charity in all things coming from their faith. As St. Benedict told his sister, St. Scholastica, to become a saint, you have to want to. Nothing more is required.

The Church is the deposit of faith. Those who administrate part of that huge deposit of faith, are not perfect, nor were they meant to be, because they are human. I believe in the Church, for She is the Bride of Christ. We just don't take very good care of Her. You see, we laity have that great power because Christ gave us the means by which we could make it better, or by neglect, make it worse. He said, prayer, penance and good works; like those of St. Teresa of Avila. We know that if we together pray for our clergy, do penance for our clergy and good works for our clergy in their names, they will receive great graces, and in holiness, they will be protected. We seldom pray for them, do penances for them or good works in their names, as we once did.

I will bet you my life's savings that if we all started doing those three things again, instead of neglecting them, we could turn those priests who have been led astray, away from these scandals & sins by helping to obtain great graces for them that they may be the shepherds they should be and want to be. Remember, priests are the most attacked creatures on earth because they are the shepherds of the flocks. When we stopped doing these things collectively, they also began to struggle and strain without the great graces our prayers and sacrifices provided for them. I am not trying to assign blame. What I am saying is that God gave us the right way to correct the situation. If we fail to use our voices for prayers, but rather we use to rail against the Church, we will have much in common with Luther and we will end up just as he did... outside the Church.