Sunday, July 22, 2007

The End of The Lidless Eye Inquisition, Etc.:

First announcement (circa July 6, 2007)

Final post (circa July 21, 2007)

Ultimately I hope what I noted in the final posting about Friends of La Nef will materialize:

For all of those who managed to glean something of value from this weblog, you made the efforts expended here worthwhile. In the meantime, the weblog Friends of La Nef which has similarly slowed down in production in the past year will hopefully pick up soon. I will try to resume contribution there occasionally as a role player. Admittedly for a group weblog I am involved in it is a somewhat odd situation for me to be in but one I do not mind at all. [Excerpt from The Lidless Eye Inquisition (circa July 21, 2007)]

Hopefully this weblog will pick up in activity soon.