Monday, September 26, 2005

Before we begin

Thanks for everyone's kind comments thus far. They are very much appreciated. Thanks also to all the writers who have agreed to come on board for this project. Hopefully the Holy Ghost will give each of us the necessary wisdom to go in the right direction.

Before we begin, I would beg your indulgence as I clarify a few points. The first is that we are not officially affiliate with La Nef in any way. We are simply a group of English-speaking Catholics who love both the Church and the classical Roman liturgy, and who appreciate the way in which the French-language Catholic traditionalist magazine La Nef promotes one within the context of the other. In short, the tridentine liturgy is a bottomless treasure chest; it stands upon its own merits and it contains enough spiritual treasure for everyone.

Secondly, this is a simple effort of simple Catholics. None of us are full-time professional authors. Rather, we are Catholics with something to share -- a love of Church and a love of the classical Roman liturgy. I mention this because La Nef is just as renown for its quality of writing as for its charitable and non-polemical spirit. It is a standard to which each of us at this blog aspires, but please bear with us as we struggle to get there.