Friday, September 21, 2007

Hard to believe...

I'm finding it hard to believe that it's been close to two years since this little project started! I would hate to see it go. I'm craving to contribute again to this little project; I decided to take a peek at the site again just for kicks and giggles and was saddened to see that early January was the last time I posted anything! I think that the Holy Father's Motu Proprio is the catalyst to get this thing going again.

The Holy Father's writings, before and after his election to the Papacy, are very timely. We live in a world that has lost an understanding of the basic premise of all conversation - religious, political or otherwise - the premise of Truth. Pope Benedict XVI understands the REAL problem that needs to be focused on, and I'd like to see this blog be dedicated once again to renewing the Catholic faith by expressing ideas that flow from the Holy Father's dedication to bring the world back to the basic question of truth. The world needs to come to grips with Pascal's Wager, the wager that asks the question, "what if?" Only then will any real change take place.

-Patrick Morris