Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Welcome, Catholic Perspective

I am very pleased to offer some small help to the cause of balanced Catholic Traditionalist publishing in North America. I have been troubled by the observation that so many of our current Catholic Traditionalist publications seem to be infected with a quasi-Protestant approach, in particular, principally defining oneself by attacking and focusing upon that to which one objects, rather than by positively promoting by word and action that with which one agrees....somewhat the difference between a critic and an artist.
During a stay at a Traditionalist abbey in France last year, I was deeply impressed by the fruits of the Spirit present. There was what struck me as a very sane and healthy approach to and view of the times in which we live, the struggles within the Church....thoroughly Catholic. The focus was squarely upon the need to become saints first and foremost by the use of traditional Catholic means. The monks understood and conveyed that even the most well-meaning Catholic is as likely to injure himself and his fellow warriors as he is to strike the Enemy if he is not first well prepared and covered with the armour of God (Eph 6:10-17).
I think there is an irony in the fact that so many North American Traditionalist publications rail about the confusion and disorientation present in the Church while simulanesously adding to it through the disrespect, irresponsible attacks and thinly-veiled agendas of certain writers and editors. When there is danger, lives are not saved by screaming, kicking and finger-pointing but by locating the way to safety oneself and then calmly showing it to others. Based upon what I have heard from numerous sources, including the saintly priests I came to know at the abbey, La Nef is a publication well in harmony with this approach and view. And I hope this blog helps to promote it in some small way as well.