Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Immaculate Conception Church - Ajo, Arizona.

Well first my thanks to Pete for being invited to contribute to this site. Though I noticed Kevin's shock at my inclusion, I'm likewise shocked to see that his name appears above mine in the sidebar. However, I'm sufficiently relieved to see that Shawn's name appears above his. :)

I took a trip this last weekend to Rocky Point, Mexico with my best friend, his wife, and two friends of ours. Aside from the relaxing beach front and the Mr. Fish Taco stand (best $1.oo beef tacos that can be had), a side reason for going visiting the Immaculate Conception Church in Ajo, Arizona for Sunday Mass on our way back. Unfortunately, the 1962 Latin Mass is said there only on the first Sunday of the month so we missed that opportunity. We also missed the pastor Fr. Richard Rego but it was still worth the trip. It's a beautiful little Church and it's immediately apparent that the Latin Mass has had an affect on the liturgical life of this parish. The visiting priest was wearing the older style vestments and the altar server (male) was in cassock and surplice. We sang Immaculate Mary and Holy God, we praise Thy name! There wasn't really a choir as I could only make out one voice coming from that direction. What was great is rather than the difficult and sappy songs that I hear so regularly in other parishes, we sang the same traditional vernacular hymns that the Indult community sings at low Mass. They are easy on the ears and being devoid of heterodox sentiments are easy on the conscience, too! The congregation actually indulged in congregational singing. There were no extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. In any case, I hope to get down to one of Fr. Rego's Masses as he has a reputation for reverance and holiness. His had been the only licit choice for the 1962 Latin Mass since the previous bishop of Phoenix wouldn't allow it in his diocese. Here's a plug for Fr. Rego: http://fatherrego.com/ .