Thursday, September 29, 2005

A new approach

I'm about 10 pages away from finishing our Holy Father's book, 'Truth and Tolerance.' I really believe that the approach taken in this book is the blueprint for the future of evangelization. The Holy Father has a keen awareness of what is necessary if the Church is to remain as an effective voice in the world. It is the 'dictatorship of relativism' that Cardinal Ratzinger spoke of in his address during the week of John Paul II's funeral that is crushing efforts to change the world for Christ. After reading 'Truth and Tolerance' I'm convinced that the only way to promote change within the Church, as well as without, is to retrain the minds of readers to recognize how the errors of relativism, subjectivism and false notions of freedom are the real culprits in the loss of faith today. It is the false belief that "truth cannot be recognized" that has become the excuse for either not believing or not evangelizing.

I think the future of the traditionalist movement rests in awakening the slumbering majority of Catholics to the fact that they have - most unwittingly - accepted the mantra that, "what's true for me is not necessarily true for someone else." No revival of faith can occur in families, society, or the Church until this kind of thinking is driven out the minds of the faithful. Expositions on the Tridentine Mass and authentic Catholic Theology, Sprituality and Psychology should be a necessary component of any Traditionalist Apostolate, but even more crucial now, in my opinion, will be to focus on educating the masses as to how they combat the 'dictatorship of relativism' in conversion with others so that once they've stripped away the excuses they can then lead others to the Church.

I look forward to working with everybody! I think we've got a good thing here!

God Bless,
Patrick Morris