Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Answering The Door

Today I received a special Christmas gift. It was in the form of an email and I would like to share some of the contents. I don't want to elaborate on the situation to protect the person involved. This gift was not found "under my tree" as Pete has pointed out in his article. I was asked for a special favor from someone, and I responded with a " Yes" to this request. I thought it was a small sacrifice, but a special way to give a gift to Christ on Christmas Day. I felt good about being able to give Him something meaningful on His birthday. I prayed hard during Advent and tried especially during that season, even though I was tired and busy, to give my time in prayer (that extra effort God deserves). I realized that all the time I spent in the practice of special devotions , that it was the smallest thing I did that meant the most. This email I received was a "Thank You" for helping an individual and her child, do something that would not have been possible, if I had not been able to answer, "Yes " to them. I did not know that they had been praying and hoping that I would do what I had done for them, and just how much it meant to them. It was such an easy thing for me to do, and so simple for me to do. I never thought that this simple sacrifice could be so meaningful to someone, with so little effort on my part. Sometimes we look for such big things to make a difference when all we need to do is something so simple. The impact was evidently enormous for them and so much appreciated. I feel I was given some insight into my own life and what I take for granted. I believe Christ gave me this gift in return. He showed me some very precious people in my life, and not to miss opportunities to answer "Yes" to someone's request. I believe Jesus Himself was "knocking" and I am very glad I "ANSWERED THE DOOR".


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

I'm sure I speak for Peter, Michael, Pat, Shawn, and the rest of the gang at Friends of La Nef when I say that I wish everyone a very blessed Christmas day and the rest of this season. (Remember for us Catholics, the Christmas season DOES NOT end today!)

God bless,